Karen Blake-Hall

Karen Blake-Hall

When Karen talks about romantic suspense stories, her eyes twinkle wickedly, or at least that’s what she’s been told.

Karen’s sharp-bladed fiction cuts to the heart of the emotions driving her characters in desperate situations.

In her chilling short story, ’The Hunter’ a woman runs from a relentless pursuer determined to bring her down. ‘The Hunter’ was recently featured in the Toronto Sisters in Crime Anthology, The Whole She-bang.

In her frightening short story, ‘Loves Fades ’ a man learns just how much love has faded between him and his spouse.  In her terrifying short story, ‘Your Number is Up’, a young man challenges fate. Both are featured in Nefarious North, A Collection of Crime Stories.

Karen is the publisher of Nefarious North. And is looking forward to doing more publishing in the future.

She is a member of Sisters in Crime International; Sisters in Crime Toronto; Crime Writers of Canada; Romance Writers of America, Toronto Romance Writers.

When she’s not at her day job she’s crafting more tales of love and crime or spending time with her husband and children.

She lives outside of Toronto with her husband.

Visit her at her Facebook page: Karen Blake-Hall.