Beading Beat – Blue Necklace

Beading Beat (2)

Blue beaded Necklace.

I decided to combine several techniques into one necklace. I started with making blue   20161003_114615beads out of peyote stitch. I made them piece big enough to wrap around a straw, then I used and eyepin, attached the end bead, put it through the straw, attached another end bead, then made a loop. I cut off the excess eyepin. I made three of these.





Then I made the next type of bead by taking a piece of wire, making a loop, stringing it 20161003_114622through a big blue bead then made another loop and cut off the excess wire. I made several of these.







The next problem was how to fasten them together. I used circle hoops and jump rings to  20161003_114606.jpgfinish the piece.

I’m really proud of the way it came out.

What piece of jewelry are you the proudest of?


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