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I love Halloween. Dressing up in a costume then going trick or treating with my sisters, later with my kids. But while I’m walking down the streets, crushing fallen leaves with my feet, the wind howling through the bare branches, my writer’s brain kicks in.

What if there was someone lurking in the shadows?  This is the basis for my book You Are Mine.

Would you know when someone was watching you? How would you react to the feeling?

When we took a family vacation to Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, we had such a wonderful time. The people were wonderful, the setting was rugged and free and I knew a strong heroine would love living there.

Of course I would need a formidable hero for her.    You are mine cover medium

Here is an excerpt:

A movement by the shed caught her eye and Molly froze. She glanced at the clock on the wall beside the fireplace.

A rush of blood pounded through her temples as she stood. Walking over to the side of the window, she lifted the heavy brocade curtain, making sure she didn’t touch the lacy sheer, not wanting her movements to be revealed to whoever was out there.

The figure of a man leaned against the shed, watching the office. Tightness cinched in her chest, as she held her breath. Could he be the one sending the letters?

She kept her eyes focused on the stranger. He was dressed like a local, with a red and black checked flannel shirt peeking out from under a down-filled vest. His worn jeans and scuffed boots resembled every male living in town, but unlike them he looked lethal.

His face was shadowed beneath a baseball cap, his eyes shielded by dark sunglasses. She couldn’t make out any of his features.

She let the heavy curtain fall back into place and walked over to the fireplace, reached for the rifle over the mantle, checked for shells then crossed the room to the door.

Opening the front door, she kept a firm grip on the rifle at her side as she yelled, “What are you doing here?”

The man shrugged. He took a step toward her. Dread lassoed her throat, cinching it closed.

He stepped out of the shadows into the bright sunlight. A navy duffel bag in his hand. Walking toward her he smiled as he removed the glasses drawing her into two, cool-blue pools. “Long time no see.”

Not nearly long enough. She knew she should be relieved that he wasn’t the stalker, but in some ways he was more dangerous.

Her worst nightmare had become a reality. Brock Kingston had come home.


Single mother, Molly Jackson, wants to run the family freight business in the North West Territories and take care of her daughter and grandfather. When creepy letters start to arrive she knows she has a stalker. Can she protect her loved ones when she’s not sure she can protect herself?

When Gramps ask RCMP officer Brock Kingston to come home, he can’t refuse the man who took him in. Now he has to return home and save the woman who broke his heart.

Will their rekindled love survive when the truth is revealed?

Tell me about the scariest place you have ever vacationed in and I’ll choose three comments to win a $10.00 Amazon gift card.

And while you feeling lucky enter to win prizes from the other authors.

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One thought on “The Snarkology Halloween Hop

  1. I live in Wisconsin and when I was a kid we always went up to Northern Wisconsin every summer camping. Same place every year and I always tried to get out of it. The land that we camped at was a friend of the family and it had a creek going threw it. It was beautiful there, and kids would trespass to hangout, drink, and party. It was in the middle of nowhere. 10 years before we started going there 3 kids died there. I don’t know the whole story of it. Everytime I was there I always just had a eerie feeling, I was constantly feeling like there was something dangerous close by and this started when I was eight and I went the last time when I was fifteen. Needless to say I won’t ever go back there.

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