Crochet collar with beading attached.

Last week I shared with you my first attempt at making jewelry. Building on what I learned in class, I decided to design and make a necklace with matching earrings.

I wear a lot of blue clothing so I thought a blue and white necklace would look good and I could wear it with different outfits.

This time I crocheted a white collar from a pattern that my Aunt taught me years ago.

I choose the white beads with the blue flowers then added the plain white beads, the blue beads and the clear beads.006

Then I took head pins and build the bead design with a clear bead on bottom, a bigger blue bead, a solid white bead, next the biggest bead with the flower design on it, another white bead, and blue bead completed the design.

I made seven then attached five to the necklace and made earrings out of the last two.

This is a very comfortable necklace to wear because the crochet cotton is so soft.

Next week, I will show you my next project.

Tell me about your beading experiences.


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