My new hobby, Beading 101

When I retired, I wasn’t sure what I would do to fill my time. I write romantic suspense under Karen Blake-Hall, and I also write paranormal erotic romance under Kayden Claremont, but I can’t write all the time so my friend and I decided to go take a beading course.

We signed up for a course Jewelry 101. It was all about stringing beads. Sounds easy, right?

Choosing the beads was great fun. I close black beads with silver hearts to make the bracelet. We worked out the pattern on the multi strand beading design board.056

Stringing the beads was easy, but before we did it, we had to attach the lobster clasp. Now that was harder than you would think. After we put the stringing wire through clasp, we had to then take a crimping bead and attach it to the wires, then clamp it tight so the wires did not move. I dropped the crimping bead about a dozen times, but I finally got the hang of it.

Then I took the beads from the design board and strung them. I was delighted with my success. Then I faced the hardest part of the evening. We cut the wire, wrapped it thought a joining ring then had to stick it back through the beads to make it tight. Then I struggled to get the final crimping bead on it.

The result was a lovely black and silver bracelet.

Next time I tell you the story about beading a necklace and making matching earrings.

Have you ever beaded?


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