New Adult Paranormal Fantasy by Melissa Thomas

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Title: Phoenix Contract

Author: Melissa Thomas

Genre: A New Adult paranormal fantasy

Published on: June 15, 2015 Phoenix Contract Part One (2)



Centuries after the fallen angels left heaven to live among humans, their Nephilim descendants dwell in secret, hidden from the modern world. Once, a charismatic leader known as the Phoenix led their people, but he vanished centuries ago. The few surviving Great Houses are in decline, bickering over petty rivalries while a handful of faithful warriors battle to keep the forces of evil at bay.

Eighteen-year-old Aiden McLachlan devotes her life to her studies and pursues her lifelong goal to become a full-fledged Watcher. But everything she knows of her life is a lie and everyone a liar. Through a strange twist of fate, she finds herself caught up in an ancient prophecy.

The stars predict the rebirth of the Nephilim leader, but the mystery must be unraveled or the Phoenix cannot rise. With a soul-eating demon, a coven of ancient vampires, and a hardheaded Celtic warrior competing to subvert the Phoenix, Aiden doesn’t know where to turn or who she can trust.


All of the serial parts of Phoenix Contract (Parts 1-5) will be FREE on Amazon Kindle on July. 27th.


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Excerpt 1:

He’d always had the worst of luck, and the day he died was no different.

Thrash stared into the chasm of space between the building roof and city streets, contemplating the eighty-story drop. It was a long way down. The city’s lights glimmered against darkness, millions of fluorescent stars. Surrender did not come easily to him, and it tasted bitter in his mouth. He’d spent his life training to fight, but what could he do against an enemy that could shape shift at will?

Six-foot-six and muscular in the manner of body builders, Thorton David Aston III or Thrash to his friends, was an albino. He was born without skin or hair pigment, his skin perfectly pale, his hair white. He rivaled the city lightscape for its clean brightness. He disliked the attention his condition attracted, so he’d cropped his hair short and dyed it metallic blue.

Thrash’s athletic body thrummed with tension. Perspiration beaded on his pale forehead and made his palms clammy.

The Soul Eater was coming for him.


Excerpt 2:

“I won’t help you,” Matthew said, “no matter what you do to me.”

“Oh, but I think you will,” Daniel disagreed. “Once I turn you, then you’ll be more than happy to help.” Lightning swift, the vampire lashed out and seized Matthew’s wrist, forcing the priest’s arm down.

Matthew cried out in pain as Daniel squeezed his wrist until his hand opened and the crucifix dropped to the ground.

Aiden shouted and swung her crucifix around to protect Matthew, but she was too slow. Daniel dragged Matthew away and thrust the priest toward his minions.

“Hold him,” Daniel said.

Immediately, the carrot-topped boy and the policewoman caught hold of the priest.

Aiden expected Daniel’s attack, but that didn’t prepare her for the vampire’s speed. Daniel rushed her, progressing so fast his contorted face filled her vision. She kept the crucifix level and aimed for the vampire’s eyes, but Daniel caught hold of her wrist with disturbing ease. Then he twisted her arm, causing a wrenching pain in her shoulder. Against her will, Aiden bent over to avoid having her arm torn from the socket. She lost her grip on her crucifix.

“Let her go!” Matthew shouted. “She’s done nothing.”

Daniel immobilized Aiden, ignoring her struggles. He forced her head to the side and exposed her throat. “Oh, I don’t think so. I want you to suffer, Matt,” he said. “As a self-styled Lord of the Night, I’m rather pleased with the revenge I’ve concocted. So I’m going to eat your pretty daughter and make you watch.”




Excerpt 3:

Magnus loomed over her, attempting to inspect her injuries. His fingers were hot and alien against her skin, and she flinched from his touch.

“Stay put while I retrieve the crucifix,” Magnus ordered. He moved away from her. A moment later, he returned carrying the crucifix.

Aiden shook her head but stayed still. She automatically tried to place his accent and failed. There were too many layers. “Where are you from? I can’t quite place your nationality.”

“I’m Averni.” He sank to the ground beside her, and those six-fingered hands touched her again, causing her flesh to crawl.

“The Averni were a Celtic tribe,” Aiden said. Her foggy mind recalled little else other than the Averni had been from the region of Gaul before it became France.

“That’d be correct.” The Celt reached out with his strange, strong fingers and pushed Aiden’s head to the side to expose the wound. He removed her hand and examined the bite. His glittering gold eyes were intelligent and inhuman. Up close he smelled earthy and sensual, a suggestive scent which caused Aiden to flush and look away.

“Why is your name Latin?” she asked.

“My mother was Roman. Stay still,” he replied.

“How bad is it?” Matthew asked.

“Not too bad.” Magnus threaded the crucifix’s chain through his fingers so the holy symbol rested in his palm. He opened the silver flask and poured holy water over the crucifix.

Aiden felt excited and afraid and so tense she wanted to crawl out of her skin. “Are you really immortal?”

“Yes,” Magnus said. “This is going to hurt. I’m going to have to hold you down.”



Author Bio and Links:

Slim young sexy girl with long curly red hair lying on white background

Slim young sexy girl with long curly red hair lying on white background

Melissa Thomas breathes life into her dreams, bringing imaginary characters and fantasy worlds into our reality. She loves her characters so much they become her alter-egos, enacting the exciting adventures she envisions for them. She is a resident of San Francisco, California and adores the picturesque city by the bay. Her hobbies include surfing and scuba diving.

Phoenix Contract is her debut novel.

You can learn more about Melissa at




Fan Girl Thursday – Love’s Battle by Angela Hayes


Today I’m featuring Love’s Battle by Angela Hayes.  LovesBattle_w7403_300 MED (2)

“If love isn’t worth fighting for, what is?”

Title: Love’s Battle
Series Name: True Blue Trilogy
SubGenre(s): Time Travel, Paranormal, Fantasy
Imprint: Faery
Length: Rose
Rating: Sensual (PG-PG13)
Page Count: 310
Word Count: 69678


Love Howard has more than a knack for matchmaking. Born from a forbidden passion and a twelve-hundred-year-old promise, she and her sisters can literally see true love. And while Love has no problem bringing other couples together, her own romantic life could use a little help.

Danton DeAngelo has always been well grounded in reality. So it throws him for no small loop when the woman he’s fallen for believes that she’s been reincarnated eleven times and can actually see true love.

Now Danton is faced with the biggest decision of his life. Accept Love for who she really is, or walk away from her forever.


“That was close,” I breathed when we were outside, an entire building between myself and the best man.

“It’s about to get even closer.” Faith smiled, making me instantly wary. I knew what was coming. She’d seen it. They both had.

“What do you mean?” I asked, playing dumb.

“Look at him again, and you tell us,” Hope challenged.

Dutifully I opened the door. Keeping to the shadows, I stepped inside, just enough to get another look at Danton DeAngelo. There he was laughing with his friends, what a beautiful sight. Male perfection bathed in the same powder blue light that all souls gave off when they were destined to be together. Blowing out a breath, I closed the door and faced my sisters.

“He’s blue.”

“He’s not the only one, honey.” Hope smiled, holding out a compact mirror she had pulled from her purse.

Snatching it from her, I peered into the reflecting glass. There was my image, the one I’d spent twenty five years looking at, the one I saw mirrored in the face of my sisters. Except, unlike yesterday, I could now see a telltale blue glow around my face. Faint at first but growing stronger with every second. Closing the compact I could see the glow encompassing my hands. I looked down and around. Like a bad rash, it was all over me.

“I’m blue!” I declared, pointing out the obvious.

“True blue, true love. YOU are the future Mrs.Danton DeAngelo.” Hope gloated taking her compact back.

“Ah damn!” I whined.

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Book Trailer:   or embedded you tube link   :

BIO:    Angela Hayes

A married mother of two, I split my time between bringing characters to life by computer, and yarn to life with needle and hook. You can find me at where I help connect readers and the authors they love.

Other places you can find me:

Wish I Could Do That – Edit and Format Your Book by Joan Leacott

Today on Wish I Could Do That I’m featuring Joan Leacott, owner of Woven Red Author Services. WovenRedMini (2)

Wish I Could Do That – Edit and Format My Own Book and Save  a Pile of Money

“Hi. My name is Sandra and I’m a self-pubbed author. I dread preparing my manuscripts for conversion to ebooks. I have to upload over and over, fixing a different error each time. I lose so many hours when I could be writing.”

“I’m Thomas and I’m traditionally published. My editor just sent my manuscript back. Not for the usual edits and proofing, but with formatting instructions! What the heck are Styles?”

“Connie here. I’m entering lots of contests to get noticed by an agent or editor. I keep losing so many points for formatting, spelling, and grammar that I just miss first place and now I’m no place. How do I fix this?”

Are you like Sandra, Thomas, and Connie? Aggravated and confused by technology? Frustrated by wasting your precious writing time not actually writing?

“My name is Holly. I just released my sixth self-pubbed title. I use a Word template for my ebooks and my uploads work the first time, every time. I also use Word to design my print books for print distributors like CreateSpace. Those uploads work first time, every time, too!”

Would you rather be like Holly? Effective, efficient, and productive. She spends her time writing her books—not fighting her books.

How about you? How strong are your Word skills? Do you see Word as a tool—or as The Enemy?

As a writer, your focus should be words on the page. Don’t waste your time fussing with fonts and indents, headers and headings. Your time is valuable. You write, you edit, you submit or upload, you promote. All this along with family and other obligations.

Nowadays, whether your favor traditional or self-publishing, or a combination, your manuscript will be converted to an ebook, and uploaded to online retailers. Printed versions will be available to booksellers and readers.

Word is your primary tool during this entire process. Mastering Word makes sense. You’ll save time, money, and effort. And make life easier for all the people whose desks your story will cross.

Remember Thomas’s problem?

What are Styles?

Every time you change the look of text in your manuscript, you sift through menus and ribbons selecting text and clicking for font, size, color, italics, spacing, indents, and justification. That’s seven clicks or more!

With Styles, you bundle all that sifting and clicking in a single click.

Want a chapter heading?


Want to denote an email?


Want a perfectly-spaced scene break?


When text is consistent, a reader sees only your story. An unexpected change in text size or justification jars the reader out of the wonderful story that you sweated blood and tears over. Doesn’t your book deserve the best presentation?

But what about Sandra’s problem?

How do Styles impact your ebook conversion and print book design?

During eBook conversion, your manuscript is re-written to HTML, a language universal to all computers, ereaders, phones, tablets—any device on which your reader will enjoy your book.

The more consistent your manuscript is, the more streamlined the process, regardless of the conversion program you, your freelance formatter, or your publisher uses. Word’s Styles function eliminates the repetition of frustrating fixes and aggravating uploads, so you can get back to your writing.

When you use templates like Holly does, the conversion from Word file to print book is just as easy. She uses two templates. The first template has the simplified structure required by ereaders. A compatible second template goes all out with your interior book design.

You look like a professional.

And now Connie’s problem.

How can Word help you proof your manuscript?

If you set it and let it, Word will:

  • Spot obvious misspellings like pensil instead of pencil,
  • Find incorrect use of homophones such as their, there, and they’re,
  • Highlight punctuation errors like missing question marks, and
  • Warn you if you’ve used it’s instead of its.

Grammar-wise, Word will point out passive or confusing sentences and let you know you that your subject and verb tense don’t agree. Word can even keep you politically correct, suggesting “firefighter” instead of “fireman.” If you write historical fiction, you can turn it off so your “housecleaner” goes back to a “parlor maid.”

Even better, tips and suggestions are available to help you understand and correct what Word finds. Expand your knowledge for next time.

Proofing in Word can be customized for fiction writing and for you.

Back to Holly’s success.

How do you master Word?

Starting Aug 30, 2015, Amy Atwell’s Author E.M.S. is hosting Mastering Word for Fiction Writers.

Learn how to use Word to create and edit your manuscript, prepare your eBook and design your print book. Uncover the mysteries of templates and Track Changes, scene and section breaks, and more.

Sign up now and learn how to master the most powerful tool in a writer’s toolkit.

Author Bio

Joan Leacott writes, and proudly self-publishes, contemporary multi-generational novels featuring the lives, loves, and scandals of small-town Clarence Bay, Canada. Check out Joan’s books at or friend her at Joan Leacott on Facebook.

After releasing her third title, Joan put her newly honed Word skills to use for her friends—and her business Woven Red Author Services was born. As well as fiction and non-fiction formatting services, Woven Red offers the 12-lesson online course Mastering Word for Fiction Writers.

To see what Joan learned from designing the interior of Karen’s You Are Mine, go to What I Learned at My Own Workshop.