I’ve done it.

The Professor and I have been debating getting a new pet for some time now. He knows me every well and even though I promise to take the dog out for a walk, he knows if its’ cold, wet, snowing or dark (my writer’s mind kicks in when it’s dark and I scare myself) he’ll have to do all the dog walking.

The Professor has made some very insightful comments but in the end I took the plunge and got a new dog. I’ve named him Barker.

Now Barker meets all The Professor’s needs. He’s toy breed, not too big for the house. He is house trained, so we don’t have to do the puppy training mess, and he is very quiet. I named him Barker but in reality he doesn’t.

He meets my needs because he’s very cuddly.

Barker doesn’t require a lot of exercise which is good because I hate going out for walkies in the bitter winter cold and The Professor has sworn he’d never do it again.

The dog seems to be very intelligent, but isn’t interested in begging for food so I’m not sure I can teach him tricks but I don’t care. He is just the pet I’m looking for.

Introducing Barker, The Blog Dog.20150106_144129 (2)


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