Family Holiday Traditions.

nutcrackersI can’t believe its December already. This year has just flown past.

When my son was 5 years old he won a nutcracker. That Christmas in front of the whole family he asked if there were more. Now we have over 100 nutcrackers in various sizes from a few inches tall to three feet tall. Yes, that’s a lot of little faces looking at you.

Over the years we’ve had fun with them. One day when I came downstairs they were marching down the hall. Another time they were all facing the wall because they were mad because I told the kids to go to bed.

Then there was the Battle of Waterloo reenactment with cannons and green army men that occurred in the living room moments before dinner guests were expected.

When my daughter asked if she could collect nutcrackers too, I knew my life would consist of a sea of little blank faces looking at me for the whole month of December.

Friends and family have added to the collection over the years and now I’m sitting in my living room surrounded by brightly colored nutcrackers.

For something different this year, the Professor decided to line the bigger ones up on the window sill, Now I have seven pairs of eyes peaking over the couch staring at me as if crocodiles waiting to lunge. Kind of creepy.

Do I have a favorite one? No. Each one brings bring a great memory.

Do you have any holiday collections that bring you great memories?


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