Interview with Linda Cahill

Hi Linda how are you feeling these days?10623401_883323051686467_648178878645520190

Hi Karen, I am so excited to be in The Whole She-bang 2 a new anthology published by Toronto Sisters in Crime.

Tell us about your new story in the collection, ‘Special Delivery’.

That story jumped up at me and demanded to be written, Karen. I was working on another story and trying to finish my novel Fire and Ice and had decided to take a few days off in Montreal. I got on the train, sat down and started writing the story on the back of my e ticket. I couldn’t stop until I had a draft a week later. I have never written anything that fast.

Why do you think that story just had to be written?

It came to me in a series of images. One character stuck in my mind and I realized I would not get anything else done until I gave him his story, so I did!

‘Special Delivery’ has a dark, mysterious flavour. What attracts you to this kind of storyline?

In this case, I told the story from the point of view of a kid exploring the neighborhood while delivering newspapers. I wanted to get at the notion that all of us, not just kids, have fears we have to grapple with. Kids aren’t always aware that the thing they fear is not the real danger and neither are the rest of us. But there are definitely things and situations to be wary of. I wanted to bring out the atmosphere of childhood, how everything is larger than life and so influential on the people we will become.

How do you like to write?

Anywhere, anytime can be a good place. Like the train for example. I’m also partial to a cafe downtown that gets a lot of foot traffic going by. If I need inspiration, I just look and listen. Beware the author in your midst! Sometimes I need it quiet and then I stay in my office but other times I need the bustle around me to spark my brain.

What’s your next story about?

There are three actually. One is the novel I mentioned above, that features a series character Michael Duluth a Montreal police detective. I’m just touching it up now. I also have a draft of a novella about another police officer, this one is set in rural Ontario. And for a change of pace I’m working on a summer holiday story, but despite the blue Mediterranean and blue skies, this story is not the kind of holiday anyone would book. This story also features a younger character.

Author BioCahill-0699 5x7 web

Linda Cahill is the author of “Special Delivery” a spooky tale about a kid, a witch, and delivering newspapers before dawn. Linda used to work nights as a police reporter and still likes to hang with newspaper people. When she’s not staying up late thinking of ways to scare readers, she gets taken for walks by Atlas, the family husky shepherd dog. Her first reporting job was with The Gazette in Montreal and she is working on a mystery novel about a Montreal police detective. In 2013, she contributed two stories to Nefarious North, an international anthology of short fiction. Linda is a member of the Toronto chapter of Sisters in Crime and is on the chapter executive. She is also a member of Sisters in Crime International and an Associate member of Crime Writers of Canada. She lives in Toronto.

Thanks for stopping by Linda, good luck with your writing

Thanks Karen it was great talking with you.


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