My love affair with Candy.


Halloween candyWhen I was a kid, Halloween was my most favorite holiday. I loved to spend hours deciding on my costume, and then I had the fun of helping my mother make it.

Then the magic day arrived. I was so excited I couldn’t eat breakfast. At school we made Halloween pictures with black cats, pumpkins, and witches. We sang songs about the holiday. The excitement built until we exploded out the doors at the end of the day.

We had to eat supper so I chocked it down and then put on my costume. We ran from house to house chanting “Trick or Treat”, holding out our pillowcases, watching the treasures be dropped into our bags. Then we’d dash off to the next house, and chant again.

When my mother signaled time was up we would race home to sort the candy. We’d take turns dumping the pillowcase of candy on the kitchen table. Carefully we would sort it into piles – to keep, and to trade. After the ‘to trade’ pile was pack into the pillowcase, the fun would really begin.

While the piles of Mini-chocolate bar, bags of chips, packages of gum, life-savers, red licorice, and the traditional hard-toffee candy wrapped up in orange and black paper grew larger until everything was sorted. Then I put the candy in order of favorite to least favorite and put my favorite into the bottom of the bowl and then work through the piles until the least favorite were at the top.

Then my sisters would do exactly the same process until three bowls piled high with candy sat on the counter.

Then the bartering started. I don’t like chocolate – peanut butter cups, so I’d put them on the table and my sisters and I would haggle until everyone was satisfied with their candy.

Only after all of this was completed were we allowed to eat any of it. Then we got three pieces each a day until it was all gone which usually took us until Easter and then we’d get a new supply of candy.

Every time I see the bags of candy in the stores it brings back great memories. Now you know why I love candy so much.

Which is your favorite Halloween Candy?


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