Too Early for Christmas.


It’s that time of the year again. It’s not even Thanksgiving. We haven’t had Halloween and the store I work in set up for Christmas last night.

Now I love Christmas, but really do stores have to choke it down our throats this early every year?

The powers to be keep telling me that it will create more sales, it will get the customers in the buying mood but I know for a fact, it just ticks them off and they end up yelling at me.

The bosses tell me they have done marketing research into it. Customers love them doing this. I don’t really believe this and I don’t care if it’s true. It’s just too early for stores to ram Christmas down consumers’ throat.

What about the other fall holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween? Don’t they deserve some respect too? If not respect then at least they deserve a little consideration.

I think we, the consumers, should start a petition to keep Christmas out of retail environments till after Thanksgiving in the States. That gives us time to celebrate the other holidays.

Who’s with me?



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