Robots and Artificial Life: Androids vs. Automatons

Being a geek, I had to share. Enjoy.

Laura EK Kelly

Now, I love artificial intelligence stories, especially ones where not all the robots are evil, soulless, villains bent on destroying humanity because we’re not ‘perfect’ or something like that.  Not that those aren’t fun of course, but I think the most successful stories like that, at least for me, is when thought the villain may be a computer one of the heroes is as well.  Like Tron and IRobot, or most recently Almost Human and Extant.  Okay, so I’m a big fan of one of the main characters not being human.

I was never a big fan of science fiction growing up, I liked fantasy far more, and my interest in it is more recent.  And I think that when most people, myself included, think about artificial life science fiction comes to mind.  That makes sense, robots tend to be an extension of computer technology which is something…

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