Cindy Gets Married and The Name Debate

had to share because I love Cindy and Graham

Writing Wranglers and Warriors

CindyCarrollEThat sigh of relief heard around the world on August 8th was my mother. It was the day I married my best friend. My mother confessed to me years ago that she thought I would never get married because I was so independent. And she was okay with that as long as I was happy. Apparently I even told people at work that I would never get married.

Before we met…

I took a class from Rose’s Colored Glasses about writing 50 books a year. It’s a great class and one of the assignments is to write a back of the book bio. Where did we want to see ourselves in five years? I took the class in 2008. This was my fantasy bio:

Cindy Carroll, New York Times bestselling author of several books exploring the dark side of human nature, divides her time between Cape Breton and Phoenix with…

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