My friend Ray Livingston has some interesting ideas of two of my fav shows. Person of interest and Game of Thrones. Enjoy.


Person of Interest is a show that simply not enough people watch, and I say that even though about ten million viewers turn in every week to watch it. Despite those numbers, I don’t actually know a lot of people who watch it. In fact, the third season of the show ended and I had to lose my job, find a new and much better job, before I met someone other than myself who watched it, and he didn’t even have cable.
I love the show so much, that I bought the first two seasons on Blu-ray for the purpose of lending it to friends. I have and will go again as far as to say that I love it more than Game of Thrones. I’ll explain why later.
First, I suppose I should actually let you know what the show is about.
The show stars Michael Emerson, from Lost…

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