Filling Up Your Creative Well


Daryl Stuermer

Have you ever felt tired, bored, or empty?

I do. Recently a lot.

I’ve been working very hard at work and very hard at my writing career and I’m feeling empty. So what to do to get my energy levels back up?

Yup, that’s how I refill my creative tank. I listen to WWOZ from New Orleans, and Jazz FM from Toronto. In the summer time we go to as many jazz festival as possible.

This weekend we’re going to Oakville for their annual jazz fest. There is nothing like live entertainment, fabulous food and good times to get me pumped up.

We enjoyed Subourbon Street traditional New Orleans jazz band, then Daryl Stuermer (an amazing guitarist who played with Genesis) and lastly but certainly not least Ginger St James and the Grinders who were fabulous rockabilly.

Today I wrote over 6,000 words so it really does pay off to take some time to refill your creative well.

What do you do to fill up your creative well?







2 thoughts on “Filling Up Your Creative Well

  1. I really need to try some new things to fill up my creative well. I admit to not having any go to techniques that get me back into the flow of things. Lately I just wait to get re-inspired but that’s not what I want. I use to listen to Bravo Chill Classical, which has a lot of really powerful scores on it.

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