Hello, my name is…


It occurred to me several days ago that everyone has a different way of greetings someone. There are the hellos, Good ____________, How are you? And so forth. It’s oddly amusing to me!

I find it interesting to watch someone’s introduction! I’m not really sure why…maybe I’m just insane, weird, confusing, odd, but I do know that one day when you have a chance you should watch it as well.

Some people just jump right into it!!!!! Someone says hello to them and they just start right off the bat! Ah! Life is interesting.

I’m always catching myself nowadays when I greet someone. I find myself changing according to my mood. When I’m happy, “Hey! How are ya?”, when I’m mad, “yeah?”, and when I’m sad, “hey…is there something you need?”

Greetings can tell you a lot about someone’s mood! Woah!

Well, that’s my little rant!

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One thought on “Hello, my name is…

  1. I’m always terrified when I meet someone. Not because I’m shy, but I almost always instantly forget the person’s name. ALWAYS!!! And then I spend the rest of the time hoping that someone says their name again, so I don’t have to ask. I guess that’s why I don’t go into politics LOL

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