Cynthia Sax Interviews Belinda Carter, The Heroine Of Sinful Rewards

Here’s how you do a character interview. Enjoy.

Kayden Claremont

A tiny woman quietly enters the room. Her brown hair is twisted into a chignon. She’s wearing a plain white blouse, black dress pants and ballerina flats.

Belinda (Bee) Carter: I’m back. (smiles)

Cynthia Sax: I’m glad you could meet with me today. (hugs her) Please sit down. (waves at one of the comfy overstuffed leather chairs. Bee sits primly, her knees pressed together, her hands placed on her thighs.) I understand your contract at the charity is ending soon.

Belinda: Yes, it is. (brown eyes glitter) I expect to be a full-time employee soon. (her voice is infused with a hint of squeal)

Cynthia Sax: (lifts eyebrows) Are you confident it is? There are two temporary employees and only one full time job.

Belinda: (leans forward) The other temp hasn’t done a lick of work. I’ve completed both her tasks and mine. My boss knows this. He’s an intelligent…

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