The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Marathon.

When people told me to watch the Walking Dead two years ago the only thing I could think of was I don’t like zombie movies so why would I find a zombie TV show interesting. I didn’t watch it for weeks, but then I was lying on the couch sick on the weekend lying in the couch and I flicked the TV on. The Walking Dead marathon was on.

I fell in love. Not with the zombies, but with wonderful acting and tight writing.

Now I’m addicted so I sitting in front of the TV watching another round of every episode and I’m seeing things I missed the first time I watched it.

I have a habit of watched the first season of a show and about half way through the second season and I lose interest. I find the story-line stale and unimaginative but with The Walking Dead I’m still enjoying every episode.

Have you ever found a TV show that you love? Please share it with me and who knows, I might find another great show through your suggestions.



10 thoughts on “The Walking Dead

  1. Well actually yes, I loved Foyle’s War, a British series about a police superintendent trying to maintain law and order in a small south coast town in England during the second world war. The acting is superb and the stories gripping. You might like that one Karen.

  2. If you find the writing excellent on the show you should really read the graphic novels it is based on, just incredible stuff.

    As far as shows I love, gotta go with Supernatural. On top of all the beasties and paranormal that filter through each episode the character development over 9 seasons has been insanely delightful.
    Game of Thrones is now growing on me too, such thick storylines.

    • I gotta agree about Supernatural. Great show. I’ve been watching it from the beginning. One thing that stands out about this show is that it deals a lot with angels. Not from the start, but they’ve been used superbly well. I can’t get enough

  3. One show I absolutely must suggest, and this goes for everyone reading this blog, is Person of Interest. JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan are behind this show, and it is amazing. Like nothing you’ve seen before. It revolves around a government machine that monitors everything! It’s intent was to monitor and detect terrorist activities, but it sees everything! The main characters of the show are giving numbers by the machine, “persons of interest”, and it’s up to them to determine if each new number is the victim, or the perpetrator. The machine almost becomes a character itself at one point! Amazing show. It’s so good, I bought the first two seasons on blu ray simply so I can lend it to other people and bring them into the fold. Take a chance on this one for sure. You will not regret it!

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