I love you <3

Had to share. Enjoy.


Sometimes those three little words can be someone’s worst nightmare. They just seem so annoying and honestly, how many times can you tell someone that you love them in a day? Don’t they get it already?

But, I’m one of those girls that will say it constantly and the only reason to that is because of a little boy named Ethan.

I remember watching him one say, relaxing in the backyard while he was running around with his cousin, both 5 at the time, when Ethan fell and hurt his knee pretty badly. I ran over to him and lifted him over to the lawn chair as I moved inside to gather the first AID kit. I walked back out and started to clean if, put some ointment on it but he was still crying! I hugged him close to me and rocked him, telling him to shh and that…

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