Interview with Angela Hayes Character Love Howard.

Thank you for being with us today, Love, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your book?

Thank you for having me. I am Love Howard, the youngest of three triplet who can see true love (smiles) and are reborn life after life to make sure this happens. My book is about how I found love this life with my husband, Danton DeAngelo.

You’re reborn life after life. Amazing. What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

Oh, bringing out the big guns are we? (laughs) That’s a loaded question. I don’t know that I can pick just one thing. When you’ve been alive nearly twelve hundred consecutive years you see a lot of beautiful things. Places, buildings, people, things. The list is endless. But if I have to narrow it down like you asked. I’d have to say that being able to see true love is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It’s nearly a daily gift. To be minding your own business, living your own life, and then boom, a blue halo pops up and suddenly your life is about more than yourself. It’s about doing everything you can to a make sure that those two people become each other’s life. To see that they are set on the path of finding love. That has got to be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Do you have a favorite life?

Any life I’m in tends to be my favorite. Like this one, it’s my eleventh. This life is so advanced that I times I feel disconnected. Other times I’m in awe of what mankind has been able to accomplish in such a short period. But I have to say that if you take all of that away and just focus on the simple things, this life may well be my favorite. It’s the life I met Danton and, not to give it away, but something happens that has never happened before and I am so excited to find out if it comes to fruition. I know I’ll have to wait until my next life to see, but to finally have the chance to experience two lives with the one I love. Well, the automatically puts life number eleven at the top of the list.

Speaking of the next life, where do you see yourself at?

You know, I try to never guess where our lives are headed. Not only would it be fruitless, it would give me a headache. After life two, I’ve just learned to go with the flow. To live in that life as best I can. That means to keep not only the memories tucked deep down, but to keep my guesses limited to what I can answer.

How about an easy question then? What’s your favorite pair of shoes?

(This question gets a blinding smile in answer.) Currently this pair I’m wearing. A lovely creation by Dolce and Gabbana. Light blue topped with a navy lace overlay. It goes extremely well with this white, navy, and light blue color block dress I’m wearing, don’t you think?

It sounds like fashion might be in your future.

You know, that is something to consider.

Before you go, Love, can you tell us one things about yourself that your book doesn’t mention?

One secret huh? Let me think. Okay, it was mentioned that I learned the art of sword fighting in life number seven by Aslan’s side. But what my writer, Mrs. Hayes, doesn’t tell you is that I went to college this life on a fencing scholarship. Brought home a couple of titles. Made a bit of a name for myself. Then came home and opened Arts and Antiquities and never looked back.

Thank you for being with us today Ms. Howard, it was a great pleasure.

The pleasure was all mine. Be sure to pick a copy of my book, Love’s Battle by following the links at the end of this interview.

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Some books hold you and won’t let you go


Have you ever read a novel and had it bring you to a place you have never been and when the book ends you can never leave? I finished Lisa De Nikolits fourth novel The Witch Doctor’s Bones and I cannot get her landscape and her characters out of my mind. The same is true for D. J.  McIntosh’s The Book of Stolen Tales which I read last summer. In The Witchdoctor’s Bones a group of misfits goes on safari in a budget van to learn the beauty and lore of South Africa’s Namib desert and come to realize there is a killer among them. In The Book of Stolen Tales, New York art dealer John Madison  goes to London to source  a rare seventeenth-century Italian book of fairy tales for an anonymous client. Before he can deliver it to the buyer, he is robbed and chasing the book and…

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Marathon.

When people told me to watch the Walking Dead two years ago the only thing I could think of was I don’t like zombie movies so why would I find a zombie TV show interesting. I didn’t watch it for weeks, but then I was lying on the couch sick on the weekend lying in the couch and I flicked the TV on. The Walking Dead marathon was on.

I fell in love. Not with the zombies, but with wonderful acting and tight writing.

Now I’m addicted so I sitting in front of the TV watching another round of every episode and I’m seeing things I missed the first time I watched it.

I have a habit of watched the first season of a show and about half way through the second season and I lose interest. I find the story-line stale and unimaginative but with The Walking Dead I’m still enjoying every episode.

Have you ever found a TV show that you love? Please share it with me and who knows, I might find another great show through your suggestions.


I love you <3

Had to share. Enjoy.


Sometimes those three little words can be someone’s worst nightmare. They just seem so annoying and honestly, how many times can you tell someone that you love them in a day? Don’t they get it already?

But, I’m one of those girls that will say it constantly and the only reason to that is because of a little boy named Ethan.

I remember watching him one say, relaxing in the backyard while he was running around with his cousin, both 5 at the time, when Ethan fell and hurt his knee pretty badly. I ran over to him and lifted him over to the lawn chair as I moved inside to gather the first AID kit. I walked back out and started to clean if, put some ointment on it but he was still crying! I hugged him close to me and rocked him, telling him to shh and that…

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Kitchen Nightmare


I got up this morning and told the family I’d make blueberry pancakes. I don’t do this very often but every now and again I try to be a domestic goddess.

Also I find that being gluten-free make my choices limited so I generally opt for rice or corn cereal.

I’m moving around the kitchen like I’m auditioning for a cooking show when I realized I’m out of vanilla extract. I grabbed the banana extract, threw it into the bowl as if that was my intension. Yes, the crown of the kitchen goddess was within my grasp.

Then I went to wash the blueberries and they were gone. No, seriously MIA. I knew they hadn’t evaporated. I also knew who the culprit was but he’d never admit it. The golden crown was quickly slipping away from me.

So now I either had to go to the store or become creative. So I cut up a banana and added it to the gluten-free mix.

When the family started to eat I wasn’t sure how they would react but they loved the banana pancakes. Who knew I could turn this mistake into a family feast?

Now the kitchen goddess crown is on my head. It shines down on the family as they stuffed their faces.

Please share when you have turned a kitchen nightmare into a glowing success.

Viking Recipes: Barley Flatbread

Laura EK Kelly

               Also called Osyrat Kornbröd, Viking flatbread made from barley flour is pretty simple to make.  It only has two ingredients and, though originally meant to be cooked on a stone over an open fire, can be made on the stovetop with a skillet pan or baked on an oven sheet.  All that goes into it is barley flour, which I found at my local bulk food store but can also be found at health food stores and larger grocery stores, and water; in a three parts four to one part water ratio.  A manageable amount that makes eight servings is 1.5 cups of flour and .5 cup of water.

               Once a stiff dough has been formed divide it into balls around the size of a walnut or a golf ball and roll it out as thin as you can make it.  My favourite tip for rolling dough easily…

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Happy July 4th

My American friends celebrate Independence day tomorrow July 4. Last week I had the pleasure of going to Boston and walking on the Freedom Trail.

Although I don’t write historicals, I love history so I was like a kid in a candy store. We took a train into downtown Boston and walked over to the harbor. I saw a wench shouting at the crowd of tourists to dump the tea into the harbor.

We went to the Old State House, saw where the Boston Massacre took place, had fun in Faneuil Hall. One of the highlights for me was seeing Paul Revere’s House and learning so much more about the man.

At Old North Church I marveled at it’s simplistic beauty. Of course I had to ask how Sexton Robert Newman got up to the steeple to hang the lanterns.

At Quincy Market the food made my mouth water.

We only had a day to sight-see but I’m definitely going back to do a more intense tour.

Happy Independence Day to all my friends.