Internet Withdrawal

I work in retail in a mall. It’s the meeting place for our society. I like being a part of this interaction so I never thought I’d have to admit this but I experienced internet withdrawal this week.

I stayed at a friend’s place and I couldn’t hook up to her internet. I had no facebook, no email interaction, I was isolated and I hated it. Every time we dashed into her house, I grabbed my laptop, turned it on, and waited for all of you to pop in and tell me all about your life, about your books, about your friends to no avail.

I’m a friendly person and have always been. I never realized how much I counted on my facebook friends and my email friends until I couldn’t reach them.

I couldn’t see what everyone was doing? What funnies were being circulated. What new book releases were coming out. I felt so out of touch with my own life that it was actually scary.

Have you ever been out of touch with your internet life and how did it make you feel?


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